Open letter

Rudi Vervoort
Prime Minister of the Brussels-Capital Region
Jan Jambon
Federal Minister of Internal Affairs
Koen Geens
Federale Minister of Justice
The 19 Mayors of Brussels

Sir, Madam,

The violent riots in downtown Brussels last weekend, including looting and even arson, and the rather questionable performance of the police force have again demonstrated that the security policy in Brussels unfortunately fails.

The idea to merge the six Brussels police zones, launched already many years ago by Vlaams Belang, is slowly gaining support amongst other political parties. A unified vision and guidance in the local security and police policy in Brussels is only possible through such a merger.

At present, it is particularly scary that the Brussels police should launch a call to private individuals to hand over all images of rioting and robbery to the police, while the police zone Elsene has already refused to join the regional video protection platform three years ago.

The police officers themselves who do a good job in Brussels under very difficult circumstances, are asking for this merge. A few anonymous officers testified after the riots that “a single Brussels police zone could solve many problems.” “As long as there are six different Brussels police zones, this kind of riots and violence will continue to happen”, they added.

It is about time that the Brussels politicians make their own political power games subordinate to the needs of the citizens of Brussels: the assurance of the safety of the citizens of and in this city.

With this letter, I call upon the competent people (the Brussels government, the federal government and the 19 mayors of Brussels) to sit around the table without delay and finally work on a unified and effective security policy in Brussels . Because ensuring the security of citizens is and remains the very first core task of every government!

Kind regards,